Liberia Application Information


Applications must be completed by January 1, 2019

Trip Dates

Saturday, February 2nd thru Wednesday, February 13, 2019 (12 days)

Trip Cost

The cost is $2950 per person. The trip cost includes all airfare, ground transportation, food while in Liberia, lodging, travel insurance, devotional material, a t-shirt and ministry supplies.

Not included in the cost is travel meals (to and from Liberia) and any anti-malarial medication or vaccinations that are required or that you choose to take.  

Application Process

Regardless of previous trip involvement, EVERYONE MUST FILL OUT AN ONLINE APPLICATION!  After reading all of the information, click on the “APPLY NOW” link at the bottom of this page to fill out an application.

A valid passport that expires after August 13, 2019 is required for travel to Liberia. If you do not have a valid passport and are a US citizen, click here to begin the application process. Processing time may vary depending upon when you apply so this should be done immediately.

Your passport number is required to fill out the application. If you currently do not have a valid passport, you may fill out your application now using a fictitious passport number (111111), but the valid passport number must be emailed to as soon as you receive your it. 

Additionally, a visa is required to enter Liberia.  Visas will be handled as a group and are included in your trip cost.  

A yellow fever vaccination is also required for entry into Liberia.  If you have not received a yellow fever vaccination, please click here for details on how to get one.  

Team Guidelines

We are aware of the fact that our team is usually compromised of people from many different beliefs and denominational affiliations, as well as a wide variety of personal standards.  We have learned over the years to work together in spite of differences and to focus on common goals and purposes.  In an effort to maintain as much unity as possible and not be offensive to the culture in which we are ministering, guidelines have been established to help define more clear parameters.   It is expected that each team member read and comply with these guidelines.

Click here to read the “Mission Team Information Packet” that covers our guidelines and many other important details that will help you as we serve in Liberia.  It covers a variety of topics including information about the ministry and Liberia, details around travel and transportation, required documents, customs, immunizations, emergency contact data, suggested packing list and other very important details that will be helpful as you plan for your trip.  Please take time to read through it and follow instructions provided.

In addition to the information packet, click here to view an “Introduction Packet” that provides a brief overview of HFM, as well as some details about the country of Liberia.


Our work in Liberia is generally customized to the gifts of those that will be on the trip. Some of the things that we may be working on include:

  • Church leadership training
  • Ministry with local churches and Missionaries
  • Mobile medical clinics
  • Feeding program for children
  • Visiting orphanages
  • Construction projects at local churches and/or at the health center
  • Instruction at the MPA school
  • Working with the Christian Foundation Liberia to evaluate projects and needs, establishing policies and procedures

Our ministry plan will be developed based upon the gifts, talents and areas of interest of those going.  Please let us know areas of work/ministry that you are interested in and we will try to match those interests to the needs that exist.

Team Leaders Contact Info

As always, feel free to contact any of the team leaders should you have any questions:
Jay Buckhalter–

Bob Scherich –


Before clicking on the link below to fill out an online application, make sure to have your passport in hand as you will need it to fill out your application.

Click here to fill out the online application.