Our Missionaries

Casey Conaway


Casey Conaway is our Hands and Feet Ministries ambassador to Burundi, Africa. Trained as a Registered Nurse with a diploma in Clinical Tropical Medicine, she spent several years serving as a missionary to Burundi, but has returned to the United States and now serves in the ambassador role.  Her efforts are now focused on connecting individuals, churches and organizations to various needs within the communities where she formerly served.

Casey has had many years of involvement with international missions through participating in short term trips and fulfilling the role of Administrative Coordinator with Hands and Feet Ministries. During the same time, Casey had a secular career in higher education. It was during a short term experience in 2009 to Burundi that Casey knew the Lord was calling her to nursing school and ultimately back to Burundi in a full time capacity. In 2011, Casey graduated from nursing school, passed the boards that summer and resigned her secular position at the end of that same year. In January of 2012, Casey returned to Burundi to begin serving the Lord. She now serves as the director of the nursing program at Pierpont Community & Technical College.

A little about Burundi, it is often referred to as the “Heart of Africa,” due to its geographical location within the continent and its physical shape. Civil war and disease have left multitudes of children in severe distress. It is also one of the poorest countries of the world where well over half of the population is under age 18. Over 95% of the population survives by subsistence agriculture.

For more information, Casey may be contacted at casey@handsfeet.org.