The Ministry

Hands & Feet Ministries (HFM) is a non-profit ministry that was established for the purpose of taking teams of people to locations of need to share the love of Christ, relieve the burdens of the needy and challenge Americans to stretch themselves beyond their normal comfort zone while experiencing the power of God through their service.

HFM attempts to partner with other established ministries and organizations to help them in the following areas: construction, spiritual teaching and guidance, medical outreach, feeding centers and relationship building. To date, our missionaries have ministered in churches, schools, clinics and orphanages in the following countries: Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Haiti, Liberia, Malawi, Burundi, and the Philippines, as well as some inter-city mission teams working with the homeless and Native Americans in the United States.

When doing construction projects, our teams raise funds, not only to travel to the country, but also to provide the much needed materials for construction. We work with on-site staff to build homes (for groups and families), hospitals, classrooms, dormitories, vocational facilities and churches.  Furthermore, our teams reach out into communities bringing hope through mobile medical clinics, clean drinking water, hunger relieve, shoes and a variety informational services and education.

In addition to providing for physical needs, we also offer spiritual teaching and guidance for all age groups. We accomplish this through programs and presentations that include sermons, lessons, songs, dramas/skits, and gospel presentations. These ministry times have a strong emphasis on sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and challenging believers to mature in Christian conduct and behavior.

Finally, HFM is committed to creating intentional time for relationship building with those we connect with. We do this with crafts, organized games and activities, one-on-one time and small group interaction. Missionaries are encouraged to learn some basic language of the culture so that they can interact on some level with the local people groups. In some situations translators are used. These efforts have proven to forge long lasting relationships and friendships.